Principles and Values


  1. We will work for the greater good of the population covered by Picton Network and the users of the NHS services provided by Liverpool NHS. We will work together to achieve the specific annual and long term objectives of the PCN.
  2. Our mission is to improve services, be innovative, and continue to deliver excellent NHS services uniformly across all Practices within our PCN. We aim to support and sustain the excellent care delivered by ensuring that our General Practices thrive in demanding and challenging times.
  3. The PCN will work to ensure that improvements to services are not detrimental to a member that is providing excellent services – our aim is to make improvements to services that benefit all Practices. We aim to raise the standards of services to all Practices but not at the cost of reducing the quality of services at some.
  4. We recognise the importance of Picton PCN working well with the other PCNs in the Liverpool region. 


  1. We will all work in the interest of the PCN, and accept that at times that we may need to put the interest of the PCN before our own particular interest. 
  2. We will work together in a positive constructive manner, and will not work in a way that is undermining of the PCN or undermines those that take responsibility for the PCN.
  3. We will take pride in supporting one another in undertaking the work of the PCN, and look positively to help those who have taken responsibility to improve services and deliver the agenda of the PCN. We will not seek to be divisive to further our own particular interests or personal beliefs.
  4. We will always act to minimise administration, focusing our efforts on delivery of care, ensuring that we maximise the PCN’s funds for use on front line primary care services.

Decision Making

We will seek to ensure that:

  1. Every Practice has a voice.
  2. Every practice is involved in developing and promoting the vision, values, aims & goals of Picton Network.
  3. Every practice works with their PPG, and wider patient group, to ensure the patients voice is reflected.
  4. Member GP Practices are supported to improve resilience and stability.
  5. Innovative, cost-effective primary and community services are developed that respond to people’s needs and that are aligned to NHS key priorities of supporting integrated care systems and Multispecialty Community Providers and Integrated Community Team development.
  6. Individual practices are enabled to become actively involved in working “at scale”.
  7. The development of evidence based services which deliver high quality patient care are prioritised.